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Crail & 5 Button Waistcoat Moss Clunie Hire Outfit FROM £110.00

image 1 - Crail & 5 Button Waistcoat Moss Clunie Hire Outfit
image 2 - Crail & 5 Button Waistcoat Moss Clunie Hire Outfit
image 3 - Crail & 5 Button Waistcoat Moss Clunie Hire Outfit
image 4 - Crail & 5 Button Waistcoat Moss Clunie Hire Outfit
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We at Eight Yards take pride in how you dress to any event, we believe in creating outfits that will make you feel special regardless of it being a hire outfit or your own.

We love the Crail jacket and waistcoat, although a rather traditional combination it has been modernized with a beautiful moss clunie 100% wool, complimented with a sage lining and finished with brown horn buttons. This twist on a traditional garment makes for the perfect outfit which can be worn to most functions.

All our Jackets, Kilts, Trews and Sporrans are handmade in Scotland by traditional tailors, craftsmen and kilt makers.

So, what’s included?

  • Jacket and waistcoat
  • 8 yard 100% wool handmade kilt available in various tartans
  • Block colour tie, various colours of cravat or a black bow-tie
  • Sporran in a choice of dress or semi-dress
  • Chrome sword kilt pin
  • Imitation sgian dubh
  • Block colour garter flashes to compliment your tartan
  • Cream or black kilt socks
  • Black ghillie brogues – leather upper

We also have a broad range of upgrades and accessories for both sale and hire to help make your outfit unique and special.

  • Fresh shirt, available in various collars to suit your neckwear
  • Tartan tie to match your 8 yard kilt
  • Real bladed sgian dubh (18+ ONLY)
  • Various sporrans, including the dress white mink, dress black Viking and our modern brown leather
  • Charcoal, navy or mid-grey kilt socks
  • Tartan garter flashes to match your 8 yard kilt and tartan tie
  • Tartan plaid and brooch

Our standard hire lasts for three days (e.g. Friday pick up – Monday drop off) however you can extend these dates to any length of your choosing. This is charged at 10% of the outfit price per day.

As a customer of Eight Yards we want to make sure your experience both online and in-store is exciting and enjoyable, as part of our hire requirements we ask each of our customers to provide two forms of identification at the time of collection.

  • Photographic identification (e.g. drivers license, passport, work ID)
  • Proof of address (e.g. phone bill, utility bill, bank statement) dated within the last 90 days – electronic or digital copies would be acceptable 
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